TeachCS exists first and foremost to serve teachers — hence our vision and mission.

The TeachCS Vision:

Access to, and funding for, professional development should never stand in the way of teachers teaching computer science.

The TeachCS Mission:

TeachCS addresses the critical shortage of qualified computer science teachers in U.S. public schools by matching in-service teachers to proven curricula and professional development while substantially lowering the costs incurred by schools and school districts.

TeachCS performs the following key functions for the teaching community:

  • To be a voice for more computer science in schools, more computer science, and a strategy of retraining current in-service teachers to teach computer science
  • To build awareness of established, proven curriculum and their teacher professional development
  • To, through our interest form and email updates along with this web site, keep teachers updated on developments in computer science education, in particular the availability of curricula, professional development, and funding for professional development
  • Through our application (set to go live in mid-February), match teachers who apply to both summer professional development and funding to pay for professional development