Is your organization looking to make a direct, positive impact to benefit children around the country through its philanthropy? TeachCS is on the front-lines of broadening participation in computer science.

A crucial piece of the national CSForAll initiative and mentioned in the recent White House announcement, TeachCS provides a critical vehicle to funders, foundations, and philanthropists who want to support teachers and schools establishing computer science programs. TeachCS reaches teachers nationally while prioritizing and focusing future fellowship teacher grants to regions, states, towns, and cities that strategically align with the philanthropic goals. In this way, and especially for large philanthropic organizations that have made computer science education a priority, TeachCS will better enable direct support of teachers and their school communities.

In lieu of making separate gifts to different organizations operating in different parts of the country and/or different different types of school communities, funders can now fund teacher fellowships through a single channel. Thanks to TeachCS’ FRL-based fellowship formula and its ability to view aggregate demand nationwide, TeachCS provides stewardship to ensure money goes to where the need is the greatest. By serving as a common channel for teachers and PD providers nationwide, TeachCS promotes that teachers attend training near them, reserving travel stipend funded by philanthropy to those who truly need it. TeachCS also creates the ability for funders to target donations to specific locations, specific types of teachers, and/or specific student demographic based on the mission of the charity or foundation.

A further benefit is that TeachCS, in its capacity as an awareness building and marketing channel, will increase teacher demand for proven curriculum developed by leading academic institutions, in turn increasing the financial basis of support for these curricula through the professional development dollars that teachers will bring with them. Over time both the effectiveness and efficiency of the money that flows through the ecosystem in the form of teacher fellowships should improve. A key goal is that over time TeachCS becomes the preferred vehicle through which school community and teach focused computer science education philanthropy occurs.