TeachCS’ primary purpose is to match in-service high school and middle school teachers to proven computer science education curricula and their affiliated professional development providers and organizations. Presently we support 3 National Science Foundation funded curriculumExploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science, and Bootstrap.


Criteria for Inclusion

TeachCS has selected a set of three curriculum, and five courses overall, to support during this first (pilot) year. Our criteria for curricula inclusion are as follows – these will form the basis for considering and selecting future curriculum and PD inclusion in future years:

  • Curricula developed and piloted with demonstrated success over at least a 3-5 year period
  • Professional development that has been successfully piloted with potential for scaling
  • Curriculum and professional development effort that has contributed to published research and/or the overall computer science education body of knowledge

Presently TeachCS supports only in school curricula – in future years it may increase its offerings to include teacher preparation for after-school programs.


How TeachCS Helps Curriculum Developers and Professional Developers

In its capacity as a marketplace that brings together teachers & schools, TeachCS helps curriculum providers reach both more teachers and more funders through its outreach and marketing efforts.

Crucially for both the PD providers and the wider computer science education ecosystem, TeachCS replaces a large portion of the administrative work and associated overhead costs currently being done by PD providers to screen and process applicants through a single universal and centralized application. TeachCS does at scale more efficiently and at lower cost what is presently done by over a half-dozen separate organizations and institutions. Via its common application, TeachCS sorts applicants based on geography, available funding, and other criteria. TeachCS providers PD providers a single check for all the participants processed, aggregating funds from multiple sources into one easy and transparent transaction.


Suggest a Course, Curriculum, and/or Professional Development Providers

Know a course, curriculum, and/or professional development provider we should support? Let us know!