Thriving in Our Digital World: AP was first developed in 2012 and was initially taught in 5 Texas high schools. Based on the CSP framework, for the 2015-16 school year the course is being taught in 22 Texas High Schools and serving over 600 high school students.

Thriving in Our Digital World: AP is a year-long high school course that fully addresses the seven Big Ideas and six Computational Thinking Practices as specified by the College Board’s AP Computer Science Principles curriculum framework. Project-based lessons and materials are used throughout the course in an effort to engage students in the educational process, improve retention, and develop critical thinking and communication skills.

A collaborative, learner-centered approach encourages students to explore the societal impacts of computer science while developing computational thinking skills and exploring programming as a means to solve problems. Explicitly designed to motivate and engage young women and others historically underrepresented inthriving with map on left computing, the course relies on a flexible delivery model that is easy for teachers with diverse content backgrounds to use in a variety of classroom and school settings. Thriving in Our Digital World draws on a student-centered, project-based pedagogical model. Each modular unit is built on an authentic problem or scenario, framed using engaging multimedia and narratives.

For more information about Thriving in Our Digital World: AP, including applications and PD schedule, visit their website. Please also feel free to download and share their brochure.