Mobile CSP is an AP Computer Science Principles course that focuses on mobile computing. Features of Mobile CSP include:

  • Students build socially useful mobile apps
  • A project-based focus
  • An emphasis on writing & communication
  • Classes foster collaboration & creativity

Mobile CSP is being taught in 70 schools across the country, including over 30 in Connecticut and Massachusetts with teacher professional development (PD) in the summer and academic year support.

The Mobile CS Principles PD consists of a 4-week summer course (starting June 27) that can be taken either online or in a hybrid format (2 weeks online and 2 weeks Webface-to-face), followed by PD support throughout the school year. Availability of the hybrid format will depend on whether there is a supported Mobile CSP site (TBD) in your vicinity.

Accepted teachers will receive a stipend of $4000 for successfully completing the PD plus a $1000 upon teaching the AP Mobile CSP course during the 2016-17 school year.

The Mobile CSP course takes a mobile approach to computer science. Students learn the principles of computer science through projects focused on building socially useful mobile apps using App Inventor — apps that have meaning to them or their school or community.

The Mobile CSP course is one of the CSP courses that will be endorsed by the College Board for 2016-17. Participating teachers will receive all of the pedagogical materials needed to teach the complete course.

To apply directly to Mobile CSP, please visit their PD page.