TeachCS matches in-service teachers who wish to become CS teachers with private sector philanthropy to fund teachers’ professional development in one of five NSF sponsored courses.

The NSF funded courses and associated professional development to which TeachCS matches teachers each offer professional development tuition free to a limited number of interested teachers. The number of teachers these funds, offered directly by the courses, can support is exceeded by teacher demand.

Enter TeachCS. TeachCS expands the funding base for teachers to attend CS professional development by adding an alternate form of teacher financial support — TeachCS fellowships. TeachCS fellowships are funded through the generosity of TeachCS’ private sector philanthropic partners, and expand the base of support already available through NSF support.

For 2016, its inaugural year, TeachCS is offering CS fellowships, one each, in each of the following cities/metropolitan areas: Phoenix, Bloomington IL, Newark, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Cincinnati, New York City, Washington DC, Bentonville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Jersey City, San Antonio Saginaw, Denver, Dallas, Tampa, Indianapolis, Santa Clara, Seattle, Edison, Des Moines, Columbus, Milwaukee, Hartford, Philadelphia, and Jacksonville.

Each fellowship will be worth up to $3,300. The fellowship grant may be used for the following

  • Tuition (Paid directly by TeachCS to the course provider)
  • Stipend (Paid directly to the teacher or school, depending on local guidelines)
    • Travel Stipend (for hotel, flight, etc. as needed)
    • Teacher Stipend (intended for items such as child care that teachers may need in order to attend training and/or complete any studies done online)

Any amount over $3,300 is the responsibility of the sponsoring school and school district. Schools and districts may choose to pay these additional costs via existing PD budgeted funds. Some schools might also elect to raise some or all of any remaining required funds through crowdfunding.


See here for more information on how to apply.